2020 455HP Supercharged Xtreme Sport Truck

2020 455HP Supercharged XTREME™ SPORT TRUCK

2020 455HP Supercharged Xtreme Sport Truck Right Side Shot Most trucks are made to haul stuff. Think of XTREME as a sports car that hauls ass. Now in the spirit of the legendary 1st gen. Chevy XTREME, Specialty Vehicle Engineering introduces the 2020 Limited Edition Next Generation XTREME. Available for the 2020 Colorado in 2WD and 4WD, with crew cab or extended cab/ short bed and 3.6L V-6 engine only, in any factory color, these supercharged sport trucks will go fast, literally! Only 100 2020 Chevy Colorado- based 455HP XTREME Pickup Trucks will be built.

2020 455HP Supercharged Xtreme Sport Truck Left Side Front Shot 2020 455HP Supercharged Xtreme Sport Truck Supercharger Shot The 455HP/425 ft.-lb. of torque 3.6L V-6 engine utilizes our own OE-quality centrifugal supercharger system, with a very unique head unit that features a viscous planetary drive assembly (instead of a traditional gear drive assembly) providing extremely quite operation with no supercharger whine, that can spin up to 90,000 RPM. This eliminates power lag (ie. turbo lag), providing very smooth drivability and a linear power band that increases power all the way up to the engine’s red line (6400 RPM). It also utilizes our air-to-water intercooler system to minimize heat soak, helping to maintain optimal power at all times, and finished off with a composite XTREME engine cover.

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